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Why Rent With Us:

Great Value

Our staff, whether Resident Managers or Property Mangers, at the main office, we are all trained in the Landlord Tenant Laws per state.

All of our properties have either an onsite Resident Manager or Maintenance Staff.

All of our properties are in a centralized location in their cities.  Most are within walking distance of the downtown area.

Our Staff

Having been in business for the last 45 years, we have a strong reputation for a honest company. 

Great Amenities

We employ some of the best Maintenance Men around.  We have a very knowledgeable staff, with quick turn around times.


We believe in getting more bang for your buck.  Our properties are reasonably priced.  Most have new carpet, linoleum, and appliances.

Our complexes can include a pool, tennis courts, washer dryer hookups, garages, playgrounds or heated underground parking.

 Our Experience

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